Blogging And Journaling

“Every trip consists of two simultaneous journeys:  the outer journey and the inner journey.  The outer journey is everything external:  what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling, doing etc.  The inner journey is what’s happening in your mind.  Great travel journals weave these two journeys together.” ~ Dave Fox

Internet article, Create a More Vivid Travel Journal – 10 Tips to Enliven Your writing.”

Blogging and journaling about your travel adventures is a great way to remember your trip; a great way to connect and share your experiences and what you’ve learned with family and friends; and a great way to be inspired and to inspire others.

Blogs are much more flexible than a written journal because you can add movies, photos, links to resources and google maps on your blog posts, all of which adds to the creative process and presentation.

There are two popular Blogging Programs that you can use to create your own Travel Blog:

Blogger and WordPress 

A travel blog will allow you to post live “real-time” accounts of your trips while you are on the road.  It is important to describe not just what you saw but also how you felt in that moment.  This is a great way of recording your thoughts and feelings about your experiences as you experience them.  It is also a way of sharing your experiences with friends and family back home.